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I used to have low self esteem when I was younger. I gradually worked on boosting it, but I still was not so confident about my body thinking I look meh and was inescure about my penis. It got boosted and was confident about my looks when I had my first relationship, but after we broke up even though I feel more confident about my looks and approaching girls, I feel insecure about my genitals and also armpits. They both have discolorations (darker than my normal body color) for a readon I dont know. I also feel like my boners aren't as hard as before which makes me more insecure. I mean it still gets hard, just not as hard as I remember it. It could be because of my obesity and family history of diabetes, but I don't know. I am also heartbroken, but that's another story. I hope I can be confident again.

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  • Get in shape and dont jerk off, your boner will be hard as hell

  • eat healthy and do some exercise :) you'll feel better and look better

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