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in 6 months i gained 100 pounds..got stretch marks...failed my exams and now i have to give my exams again one year later and i have been slacking off and i have only 2 months for 400 pages of context... :/ and although i have talent in writing i am too lazy and depressed to move on in my life....and the girl i am in love with is with a guy ten years older than her and i will never be with her.

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  • ur depressed start taking quitapine it wont help with the wight gain but itl make u feel better '

  • See this as huge opportunity to pull your sh*t together and become what you want to be. You have become fat: run. Excercise. Go to the gym. You failed your exams? Study harder. Now. Not tomorrow. Not later. Start your own revolution. ;)

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