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Several Months ago, i met in a Chat App a Guy, who asked me, if i would like to get gang raped. He told me, that he and up to 5 Guys would meet me at a House. He even told me the exact Date and Address. I told him that i was interested, which i wasn't. I simply stopped answering his messages when he asked for my exact Address. He didn't know my real Name, and only the City in which i live and has a Picture of me, which i use in this App. Althought it is now so long ago, that this happened, i still think about it. I should add, that i am a Woman, married and in my 30s.

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  • why do people give such harsh or mean responses? many married people male and female are totally satisfied with their marriage or relationship and do things to satisfy curiosity add a little spice to their life such as doing porm, reading salacious novels, flirting, talking/texting with strangers. occasionally it might lead to an affair or break up but many times it's harmless and could even be emotionally satisfying and areas that their partner can't or won't address. and people do things like this after several years with a partner are in midlife when they have some doubts or wonder if they made the right choice. your behavior was not unusual. It's very common.

  • married and talking to dudes online people like you are the very reason why decent people don't do relationships I can only hope you die of aids or better get pregnant with a child of a different race then your husband

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