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My boyfried constantly tells me that I should be less shy when it comes to sex. He doesn't seem to notice at all that he is always only saying negative things when we're talking about this topic. I know he just wants to be nice and help me, but actually he's breaking the last bit of self confidence I have and making me feel really insecure.

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  • Tell him he is making you feel shitty and that he needs to be more positive. If you already did that, and he hasn't picked up on what he is doing wrong, I recommend finding someone else that actually makes you happy and fucking their brains out.

  • I get you. My ex did the same, and I still am insecure about myself while having sex. He wanted to help me and improve sexlife for the both of us, but his nitpicking made me feel nothing but used. Even when I tried really hard to get comfortable and not think too much while doing it. Ruined everything.

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