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I just hope there's someone who wants me for all that I am. I'm an emotionally damaged woman. Grew up with a schizophrenic mother, alcoholic and abusive father, selfish relatives, ex boyfriends who takes advantage on me. It was a roller coaster ride before I got the chance to move out of my parent's place at the age of 22. All my life I've had only 3 relationships, all 3 were destructive ones. Sometimes on a sunny Sunday evening, I would sit on my couch and wonder if I'll ever find the man who is meant for me. This makes me sad. I just want a man who would comfort me and reassure that everything's gonna turn out well

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  • You WILL find someone, or someone WILL find you. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but it WILL happen. Stay strong until then.

  • Hey sweetie, just don't think like this. some man are just assholes or not smart enough to realise what a gift it is, to have a girl like you, nobody is perfect and we can't choose how we get raised... i know that too well, but keep your head up, it will be fine, and when it happens in 10 or even 20 years, maybe the man of your dreams is just around the corner, if you don't see ist, then i will hope for you ;) *hug*

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