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I stopped using facebook and twitter because most people around me always had negative things to say about my posts to my face. They won't comment online. They would say it's stupid and makes no sense and it's weird. (I'm a potterhead, no one else in this country seems to be). One time I saw an indirect tweet to me saying I tweet too much about lady gaga and that I should #getalife. I got sad and deactivated my account. I hate that I was forced to do that, considering I don't complain about their tweets which always have to do with: soccer, weed, sex and god.

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  • You shouldn't care as much as you did. Stay your self and try to see the person who indirectly tweeted you as an asshole/stupid person. Build a bit more confidence. And besides, Facebook and Twitter are kinda a waste of time anyway in my opinion.

  • forced? it was your decision. grow a pair of nuts and step up to the people putting you down. you have the right to express you own opinion. use that right and stop being a little bitch.

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