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Sorry for my english. Im 23 old girl living in eastern europe, and all i want in my life to be happy, just to meet the person who will love me for who i im not the way i look, i have no job no friends( not becouse a dont want to but because they are bad people) the only reason im here its because my mother, because a love her more than me and because i know she had only me, that the real reason im still alive , and im so alone and i dont know what to do, this life is soo hard and so lonly and i wish just somday to be truly happy, and i think this will never hapend

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  • if ya ever want someone to talk to my dear I am here :)

  • You will get there! don't lose your hope. you will be happy one day, it's just a bad period of time. amazing thing are about to happend!! you are never too old to do what you like, what makes you happy. I'm in the same situation here so I know how that feels. Big warm hug for you >:D<

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