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I really like this guy. He's more popular than me and we sometimes talk. We were childhood friends but over the years we've drifted apart. I always see him staring at me in class but if don't have the confidence to say anything about it. I just bottled up my feelings and I'm scared of telling anyone about my crush incase they laugh and start rumors. I can't confess my feelings for him because I'm scared that he'll laugh. I don't know what to do.

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  • Just tell him you like him! If you haven't been talking I suggest you try and be closer with him in a friendly way first. If you just ask him out he might be weirded out if you say it too suddenly. Also, NEVER ask anyone out in front of their friends, it's less likely that they'll say no that way.

  • Really tell him ... im a guy and told the love of my life that she is the love of my life ! .. 10 months in now, and i never was so happy before in my life

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