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I'm the kind of person, who never thinks about himself, i do ANYTHING for people i care about, even if i have to give them my last penny, so they can buy something to eat, i still see the good in other and hope for them that one day, everything will get better, but for myself? i've lost all hope, i have done nothing, to get ready for the real life, because i was a fool and just too lazy... i know, my family thinks that i'm a looser, and i can't denie it, i've leanrt english trough video games, and some tv-shows, but that is the only achievement in my hole life, and i don't think that i'm really good.. but here i am, writing a story about myself, just to get this off my chest.. thank you for listening strangers around the world, love you all

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  • I know that feel bro. But, your ability to put others instead of yourself, it's amazing. Not all people can do that. Be proud of yourself :)

  • It doesn't matter what others think about you. Is what YOU think what is important. Life is a bitch, world is a horrifying place, but there are tons of good people and nice thngs to do. You can find your path. You are in this world for a reason, just find it. Find what makes YOU happy, and do it!

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