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So met a guy on an online dating website, as far as i know when you go into one of those sites you are not looking for just a "good friend". anyway we talked and talked , texted almost for 24/7 chatting, skyping and the whole deal, then we met, it's all fun. then i find out he s just considering me as a really good friend, so i back off since i started crushing on him and i didnt need to get hurt or anything like that. and he gets all weird asking why i dont text as much as before etc.... seriously dude normal friends dont text and talk 24/7 , if you re just bored and trying to keep your options open, then bite me or as bart says eat my shorts ^^

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  • girl i salute you for just leaving the friendzone and not staying there being all dramatic and crying like other people, to hell with him ;)

  • Or as bender says "bite my shiny metal ass". Tune him straight, like "I was on a dating site to date, why you not date me"?

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