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I wish I lived somewhere else, I wish I was somewhere else right now and I feel this way all the time. And it's not only because of the people here, it's also because of the surroundings, the nature and the city. It's horrible because then I always wander away to my mind or to someplace else and I am never present and I never really am where I am and it's taking a big toll on my life. It's killing me. And I can't go anywhere because I am only 17 and still in school and I know I can't survive here much longer, I'm scared.

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  • Stay strong, you can survive this. How do they say? It's always darkest just before the dawn? - I hope the sun will rise for you soon. Keep holding on, you can do it :)

  • I'm just 18, and in (probably) another dead end town. There is nothing here for me and I can't wait to get away. Stay strong, an education is a ticket out of there :)

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