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i fell for him, i loved him, i cared for him, i moved in with him, i slept with him, i married him, he died. my life is over

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  • thats really awful. but your life isnt over, you'll just live it in a different way... you'll never get over it, you'll just learn how to live with that... big hug.

  • I am not really into praying and god, but I will pray for you. My dad lost my mom when I was 5 years old. The pain will never stop but you will learn to live with it. He found a new wife, 9 years after she died. I know that my mom would be lucky to know that. Nobody deserves something like this, but your life is not over. The thing your husband would have wanted the most is that you don't give up. So make him proud. Bodies can die, their souls will live forever in you memories.

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