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My hero replied to me on instagram and followed me. she has psychic powers and always guesses the fights correctly, i asked her since all her predictions come true, if she could predict im gonna be happy and have friends, she said i'm gonna have so many friends, i won't even know what to do with them, and followed me. i cried the whole day, and i printed the notification and glued it on my door, i look at it all day, i don't have to worry anymore about being alone ever again, because all her predictions come true. it was the best gift i ever gotten.

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  • I could be wrong. I will say it's going to be a lot more up to your actions, efforts, positivity to be successful. you'll have to be more outgoing, you will need to pay you more socially active in school, Church, sports, social media to meet people. please don't worry about how I'm a celebrity could bring you good luck or friendship

  • is it hard to be a failure at life and hope that some entertainer on famous person can work magic and provide you with friends. the reason you don't have friends as you're a dumbass

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