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There is this teacher at my course (I'm male btw), every time I'm at her class I feel really attracted to her and there is this sexual tension when we speak (not sure if it goes both ways though) and I don't know if it's only my imagination but I get these small hints of attraction on her side. But she is way older than I am and I know there is no chance at anything. She is pretty, kind, smart she's totally my type and she's not married (no idea if she has a SO). I wish we were around the same age and we weren't a student and a teacher. Even if she does feel the same we both know we can't do anything about it cause it'll be too weird.

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  • Weird my friend very weird

  • Without knowing anything about your situation... I would maybe dare to "escalate" the situation a little... just to knoe whether or not not she "keeps playing"

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