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I'm a lady;21 yr old;attracted to ladies,but i get confused about what i feel for men.I'm not turned on by ass in girls but boobs ,waist and beauty reallyyyyy turn me on...yet if i meet a guy even a good looking one nothing really turns me on&making out with a guy makes me sick_disgusted.I've only dated a girl once so far and i loved her so much,but i've never really fell in love with a guy.I therefore use queer to identify myself because i feel uncomfortable using lesbian or bisexual labels lol what's crazy is that watching straight porn turns me on more than lesbian porn...my life wtf

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  • I get so horny when I watch other girls suck big boobs

  • Lesbian porn turns me on more than straight or gay porn (which both is as sexy as whale watching for me) and I am a straight girl. So I don't know what it is about porn but it's a bad tool to find out which sexuality you have.

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