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ive been single for about 2 years now and cant figure out how to get a girlfriend (im rather smart and good looking so that isnt the issue) i actually think im not enough of an as**ole to even get a number of a girl

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  • Please don't be an asshole! Girls don't like that. I've made the mistake and dated that kind of guy and he was an asshole and never changed. We only go to then thinking that maybe they have a sweet side under but they never do. Those type of guys are just jerks looking to hook up, not to commit. To get a girls number just be you, be funny and confident and make her smile. The number will come.

  • Well have you tried to get a girls number? I think you're not trying. Its a huge generalization saying girls like assholes. Girls like confidence not wimpy shy guys. Have you put the effort into making first contact at a bar and upholding a conversation? Trial and error my friend. I can tell you that asshole guy you saw leaving with the girl was shut down 30 times before he was successful. He may date her and get married or it may be one night, but he took the first step. And most people who moan about not having a girlfriend are in actual fact too afraid of rejection to even put the effort in.

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