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Well my sister Vanessa was moving out yesterday,and she was bending over in front of me repeatedly while she was looking for some of her items. While I was in the living room on my part of the house, I was staring at her beautiful ass through her see thru pants. I really don't think that she saw me looking at her ass, till she saw me lick my lips and saw the bulge in my shorts. I was then up on her when she was in my living area, we stood face to face as our lips met and we kissed each other. After kissing each other I pulled down her pants to reveal her bare ass and bare pussy lips, I then took off her shirt and she had no bra under her shirt. Once inside of my bedroom she took off my shorts and boxer's, my manhood was sticking straight up like a pencil . Her warm mouth felt so fucking good on my penis ,as she serviced every inch of my dick as we both moaned. Her juicy ass sat on my face as me and her we're in the 69 position I was having a good time eating out her juicy pussy, as she sucked my penis like she was eating a popsicle stick. After being in the 69 my sister was in the doggystyle position I didn't waste time sliding the head of my dick into her hot snatch, as we we're moaning loudly. The bed was rocking back and forth as my nuts hit the back of her ass, she then lowered her snatch onto my erect dick as she was on top of me riding my manhood. We then fucked each other in different position's as we both came

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  • Nice fanfic

  • that's sexy with me it's different it wasn't my sister but my gfs daughter. I enjoyed that 13 year old

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