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im a minor girl and i feel major attraction towards anime characters. i have a boyfriend and we've been together for a year now, we never had sex but when i masturbate i imagine my anime crushes fucking me more than he does. i have had an obssesion over one anime character for almost 2 years now, almost every time i pleasure myself i imagine him. i have a bunch of anime merch thats about him and i feel like i love him more than i love my boyfriend. i know my boyfriend doesnt deserve that but honestly i dont want to stop, im enjoying fantasizing about my anime crush and me being married and doing what every married couple would do. hes super cute and super hot at the same time. am i the only one who feels this way? is this wrong?

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  • whats this shit, why dont you just fuck?

  • I enjoy minors so much if your a girl let me get with you. if you a guy I do the same that's why I have her cosplay. I have my girl cosplay as a little girl sometimes cause I enjoy little girls. an sometimes superheros an anime characters. you should see her supergirl outfit super easy access

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