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I was friends with this girl, she was an absolute unicorn. this girl road a longboard, played cards, enjoyed horror movies ect ect all those things plus many more that I myself very much enjoyed. I was told upon meeting this girl that " I just want to be friends, cuddle and watch movies if any thing changes I'll let you know" now as a guy iv heard variations of this other times as well but seem to always get this booty wiggle while we cuddling and it usualy ends up being go time anyway. but iv also come across a few that didn't the first couple nights, not this girl tho. my unicorn gave me absolutely nothing as far as a butt jiggle or wiggle is concerned. This girl gave me time, attenchion, understanding, enjoyed so many hobbies of mine, then one night things changed. she rubbed on my crotch and said "I think I want something different tonight" and away we went, dead done and I'm totally hoping the whole relationship thing might actually be a thing heck even more sex in the future lolz. Nope just sticky platonic cuddling for about two months. then one night she stops by cuddles and just before leaving tells me that she has been between dating me and another guy for awhile, but she technically met him a couple weeks before me and felt he should have first chance. I myself can't argue with brutal honesty and logic or reason, but that shit broke my heart. we are still friends and she's married now . this girl is and always will be for me "The One Who Got Away".

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  • Sounds like you dodged a pretty selfish and manipulative person tbh.

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