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I'm an only child to my parents. I've spent my entire childhood envying my friends and cousins enjoying themselves with their siblings. I really wish to know how it feels like to share clothes with a sister, to play hide and seek with a brother or just to hug a sister and sleep sharing a single bed. I'm 22 and I still cry myself to sleep some nights when this hits me. I really want to feel a sibling's love.

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  • i have two big sisters and i don't like them, they're mean and judgmental and,well,i just feel like they are strangers in my house or something. it's weird

  • I was an only child until about 10, I begged my parents for a sibling. (Didn't know my mother couldn't have children anymore). So we moved and adopted a baby girl when she was born. Made sure to do all those small things so she wouldn't get dragged to court later on over stupid people. I hated my sister for years and It's only now that I like her. Also I'm pretty sure she loves me, and she would do anything I asked (ANYTHING) Yeah she gets angry when her friends touch me and stuff as well. Siblings are more of a commitment then most things, although if my sister ever found out the truth about me and some of her friends I'd probably have to move out (Hypothetically speaking of course).

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