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as an almost 30 years old virgin woman who never ever been in a relationship, flirted with alot, men trying to get only physical with me, but never wanting a real relationship with me,i used to wonder why am i alone even though i'm pretty, successful, pretty fit, well educated. so i just stopped waiting and wondering why am i alone, now i'm just basking in what i am, travelling around the world, enjoying the having no responsibilities , playing video games, reading all the books i can find, going out with my friends. maybe in like 5 years i'll adopt a kid and give him an awesome life. i don't care about romantic relationships anymore. the only drawback is i hate making my parents sad with this decision of mine.

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  • How come you think something went terribly wrong with her life, Anonymous?

  • I think you are asexual. Do whatever YOU think is best for you, not what others want. I wish you the best.

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