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I have a medical condition maybe someone here can help me with. For the last 4 to 6 months, I have this hard ring of tissue on my dick, right under the glans. It expands when errect and doesn't really seem to make any problems (no loss in size, no curvature). Research into the topic had shown that it is likely a swollen lymph vessel from hard sex and/or masturbation... but the thing is; it doesn't go away. Surely, sometimes it is more pronounced, sometimes less so, but it doesn't go away. Indeed, I could just go to the urologist; but I went there two times this year already for different issues that had proven to be psychosomatic in the end and he had never found anything weird with the tissue of my penis, so I do not wish to go there due to A)+ the sheer embarissment of showing my dick again and B) I do not want him to think that I go there for some bizarre form of sexual kick.

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  • Your dick is on the line. He'll understand your worry over the health of your penis and won't think you're there to get off. I have to get a vag/cervical exam once a year and its whatever. They're doctors. They want you to show up when you have issues.

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