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why do some women's labias stick out like roast beef and look outof place? last time I was eating out an 18 year old neighbor in my car, and her lips were all hanging out. shes very attractive , small and skinny but that made me not get a boner some reason. and I was so excited i was finally having a sexual encounter with her since i been fantasizing about her.. but when i seen her pussy, I was kind of shocked. I continued to eat it out as she was moaning and grabbing my head. but I didn't really get aroused sadly.. is it because she had a child ? or is it cuz im used to seeing my gfs labias all tucked in, small and in place? my gf is 25 and no children.

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  • Genitals are like snowflakes. Each one is unique. Unfortunately women with larger labia have been made to feel ashamed to the point that there are plastic surgeries to make their genitals look more like the ones found in porn. It's really sad.

  • Look everyone's are different, it doesn't matter if they have had kids or not it's just the way you are, same with dudes. Alot of social media nowadays does contobute to an idea of smaller vaginas.

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