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my wife and I were invited to a pool party. as the party was winding down, only the host, an older man and my wife and I remains. we were all very drunk. my wife had a tiny bikini. it became obvious that he kept checking out her sexy body. She noticed he was getting hard and swam over to give him a thank you hug. She was really drunk and asked me how we could thank out host. I joked "something will come up," she began ribbing this much older man's crotch. he was muscular. before I knew it he pulled down his shorts and she just began to suck him. I came over and we took turns fucking her without condoms. The next day we acted as if nothing happened but I want to see her fuck him again.

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  • it was awesome. he didn't even use protection. He just fucked her bareback and filled her up

  • thats amazing. I always fantasize about my 26 year old gf fucking an older man in front of me

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