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My gf always sleeps with only a shirt, no underwear and now shorts/pants. she don't like when I fuck her in her sleep, but I still do. I get horny from her pussy smell in the air so I just start rubbing my dick in between her pussy lips. when I feel like she's going to wake up I stop, then continue to my stroke until I cum all over her small pussy. sometimes I watch porn and I jack off right next to her pussy without touching it. and when im about to cum from watching porn, I quickly slide it in her warm pussy and stroke it a few times until my heavy load is all inside her. when she's sleeping on her tummy or her side while her small apple booty sticks out, I rub it in between her butt cheeks and booty hole until Im seizuring up from cumming. when im fucking her booty, I always make sure I get at least 3 nuts till her booty hole is dripping with my cum. it feels so amazing. I always clean her up after I'm done so she won't get mad

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  • She doesn't like it when you sexually touch her but you still do = sexual assault. Also she totally knows. You can't come IN someone and not have them know. We know. It's not like it absorbs into us, it drips out later. So either you're a dumb rapist or you're dumb as hell even in your fantasies.

  • Okay there is so much wrong with this. That is rape. Full stop. In no way has she given consent ESPECIALLY if she is asleep. And if you are saying she will get mad if she finds out THTA IS ON YOU. YOU ARE RAPING HER.

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