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Recently I ment someone who was very up front about liking me and wanting to be friends but then kinda immediately disregarded trying to be friends unintentionally because I, someone naturally flirty personality was kind and mildly reciprocal towards there feelings(as well as agreeing that maybe one day we could be in a relationship) . But as time went by on all of the sweet and kind things they've said(like couply sounding things) made me uncomfortable so I let them know and though it busied there feeling they said they they still cared and would wait for me to reciprocate but would take a step back and agreed to try and be friends more. Thing were okay for a bit as we both tried to recover from the mild awkwardness and as we were I realized I was in no way shape or form wanting or capable of sustaining a romantic relationship with someone nor did I have the desire for a relationship before they express there feeling to me (mind you two days after we had met). So currently I'm sitting with this revelation, and suffering mentally for it because I'm to nice to want to hurt this person's feelings because they are genuinely really kind and decent I just have no feelings for desire for a relationship whatsoever :) and I don't know how to make it better because they are hurting some from taking the step back and not being able to express the care they feel hurts but that's an absolutely not for me and I haven't told them this or that I have no desire only that re need to take a step in reverse... I consulted my sister on what to do because they is coming soon to visit with some other mutual friends but she is saying to not dump this on that person now only to wait and see how the trip goes and just have fun not caring one way or the other if potential relationship could come or we just stay friends. I agree with this advice but I hate confrontation and dread the day I'm gonna have to tell them there is no way now or in the near future I'm prepared for a relationship (they have been hurt prior and I don't wanna add to that pain but my sister says me suffer for his sake is just as bad(which I agree with) So yeah.... Welcome to my cornor of suffering where we listen to Corpse Husbands "miss you" and "agoraphobic" on repeat and cry about being stupid and unable to say no~

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  • God I made so many spelling errors

  • I'm in the same situation as you , I have asked my friend what I should do they said the same . I would suggest to just say it (thats what I'm going to try to do i guess) but I'm just like you I hate confrontation. so I hope we could both find a way to end this :)

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