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Today was a great day today my niece Lexie came by the house today to visit, well other than that I talked to my homeboy Brandon today for a brief moment. I also wrote a story about my sister Ladonna Adeoye she's a defense attorney in Massachusetts in my story . After the Cowbitches lost the other night to the Sheagles I went to Facebook and I talked all kinds of shit about there sorry asses, also some fans got mad at me but I don't give a fuck. They had to play the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday, and on Saturday the Alabama crimson tide got to play LSU tigers. My phone was very quiet today I didn't have to deal with no crazy call's, also this evening my dog's Coco and Princess decided that they wanted to take them a stroll down the street. So i had followed them to bring them back home ,I am watching the Tampa Bay take on the New York Giants I can't wait till the Giant's lose so I can all my niece Presha and make fun of you. After the game ends I am going to watch Monday night raw

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  • we're not blood related

  • What is up with your fetish for your sisters and nieces? What is it about them, or you for that matter, that you can look past being immediately related to them and fetishize and have sex with them? Do you have normal heathy sexual relationships with women and/or men outside of your family?

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