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I saw on Facebook that my ex fiance finally has a new girlfriend. We broke up over 5 years ago and I'm married now. I'm glad he moved on. Maybe I won't have to worry about seeing him when I visit my hometown. I just worry about his girlfriend. I hope he treats her better than he did with me. I hope he never cheats on her, or lie to her face, or wastes her time with empty promises. I hope they're happy together. I hope they're better for each other in every way he and I weren't. I hope she's The One and eventually he forgets me. He used to hold grudges and talk about it years later, to the point it annoyed me. I hope he doesn't hold a grudge against me and annoy his girlfriend with it. I hope he rarely, if ever, thinks about me. I hope he learned from our mistakes and is a better man because of it. I don't know why I wasn't good enough for him to be a good and honest man, but I really hope she is good enough for him to want to be better. I hope one day he and I will barely remember each other.

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  • I was with you until the end. You were good enough and she's good enough. It's up to him to be good enough to be an honest man. That shit comes from within, not from the partner propping you up.

  • It kinda sounds like you still have unresolved feelings if you are still this concerned..

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