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Last night after work ,I had met up with my older sister Vanessa Adeoye she and I had a wonderful conversation over dinner. While we had dinner me and my sister made out with each other, after dinner she and I drove out to her house . Before we went into her house, me and my sister kissed each other's lips outside, we ended up making love to each other in her bedroom

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  • I actually believe you. I have one sister only. She is 16 months younger than me. I don't know why but my sister and I have been secretly meeting up and we make love for hours. The thought of my cock inside my beautiful sister make me wonder if we will one day move in together and everyone else be damned. I love the sex with her

  • 1. Bullshit 2. learn to write an engaging story 3. Nobody gives a god-damned about your bullshit incest fantasies 4. I bet she would flip shit if she saw screenshots of these posts, I mean she was pretty easy to find on FB with the amount of detailed info you've given about her

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