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did my "back to the office" training for work (it was mandatory even though I've never been out of the office this whole pandemic. but that's beside the point) and 1 video training was all about masks, when you're supposed to wear them, how to wear them, the ones that protect you, etc. the second one was about covid 19 in general and how to prevent it. well the covid specific video, says masks should ONLY be worn by those showing symptoms. while the mask video obviously says everyone should always have them on. this is why I'm skeptical about all these protocols and mandatory things.... because it's so inconsistent that it makes your head hurt. and no, my work training is not the online time I've seen "official" information about this virus that wasn't consistent. the experts can't even agree what should and shouldn't be done. so how are we supposed to know?

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  • it's hard bruh. no one knows all the answers. but if we all work together, the disease can slow down. it takes years to get the right answers. medicine is actively changing to new info while bacteria and virus are evolving. if I helps you can do your own research on virus. I recommend start with the last pandemic I think it's 1912 flu. the more you know the better. education is key.

  • We don't know. We just have to keep up with the most recent info. Just wear the damn mask. It won't hurt you to wear one if you aren't sick, and since people can be asymptomatic you could be sick and not know it. That's the whole point

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