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Husband and I have lived in his home town for four years now, his brother lives very close by. We go over to visit once a week and for me it's bad. My husband will go off periodically to take long buisness calls and I often get left to small talk with his brother and my sister in law and after a few sentences it will just fall into an awkward silence everytime. My mind will go blank as I'm desperatly trying to think of something to chat about and I can physically feel my face go all stiff. Just painfully awkward. It's always been like this,right from the start - I thought it would get better with time but if anything it's gotten worse. I've tried to discuss this with my husband but he's flippant about it and doesn't want to know, he just expects me to be friends with them. In fact at times I have the impression that his brother deliberately ignores me and that makes it even worse, again tried to mention this to my husband but he doesn't believe me. I've never felt so shy or awkward around anyone as I do around these two people and I dread seeing them every week and feeling so uncomfortable. I'm at the point now where I don't know what to do, any similar stories/ suggestions?

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  • I don't think they dislike you, I think they feel as awkward as you do and just want to avoid the awkwardness. When I'm in situations like that, I ask them if they've read/seen/played one of the things I'm interested in at the moment so we can talk about it. For example, 'Have you seen Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix? It's SO good!' or 'I've been playing Breath of the Wild lately, it's a really fun game! Have you played it?' Even if they haven't done the thing, you can tell them about it and maybe convince them to try it so you guys can talk about it next time.

  • Guess you really can't choose your family. maybe find out what interests they have and try and talk about them. You never know one day you might actually enjoy going to see them.

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