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maybe I should have started getting out and around people more when I was younger. I find every interaction I have with people weird and terrifying. I've been working a month and a half. in that time, I've been asked out on a date 4 different times and offered food three times. I've also been told by one of the customers, he is coming over to my house to have pancakes. I am going to make him pancakes and he is coming over. I said no, he didn't listen. it's a good thing he doesn't know where I live. is this a normal thing? honestly?

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  • Getting hit on at work is so freakin awkward and uncomfortable. Some people know it too and that's why they do it, bcs they know we can't dismiss and ignore them. That last customer was especially creepy. You should tell someone about that, just in case he decides to find out where you live. Unfortunately I've had it happen. I really hate that I'm probably scaring you, but really really get this crap documented. Even if it's just a dated note on your phone.

  • me too except the getting hit on part

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