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Our anniversary is coming up and I had planned a dinner to his favorite restaurant weeks ago. And I am mad as I found that he & his ex turned friend already made a plan there. I only found out because I was excited with my plan weeks ago that I mentioned the food. Apparently, they had talked (& scheduled) about eating in the restaurant when they eat out last week. He never mentioned it until I brought up the food. Now my boyfriend always say he isn't interested anymore since he just recently went there. I don't want to think they are cheating because his friend is married with a kid. I've been mentioning our anniversary and hinting him, but he has no idea about our anniversary date this year. My plan is ruined and worse, he forgot our anniversary. I SPENT TIME ALREADY WITH THIS AND I'M GOING TO PUSH THROUGH WITH IT. I WILL EAT A LOT & HE CAN SUCK IT UP IF HE DON'T WANT IT.

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  • just tell him straight it's your anniversary, and how much it means to you and see, how he reacts to it.

  • damn im heated by just reading this , hope things work out for you at the end though (update us)

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