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Im now laying in my bed and crying because of my suckie life. My graduation in high school are in a couple of weeks and my parents haven't talk about it at all and I just know that they don't care. My dad is a drunkie and my mom is so bitter all the time and it makes me so sad when I look at other classmates parents who buys them their prom dresses and graduate stuff while I have to pay and fix everything myself. I really really want to kill myself. And when I'm talking about this to my boyfriend I'm just feeling like a burdon for him when I cry and feeling sorry for myself. I just want to graduate and move to college and never come back.

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  • You can do it. Start your own life!

  • well having been in the same boat let me just say that, after graduation u will have the opportunity to build a life the way u wish, and most importantly, there is a 100% possibility that u will be a great mom in the future ,just find the courage to leave the past behind and not try to be spiteful , here is a trick that got me through those tough ti,e- jsut close you eyes and dream of the life u wish in the future, the job, the things you wish to do and just dream of them and remind yourself that u will not stop until u have achieved them.

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