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Hunter from raised by wolves is an asshole... You don't ever say to a victim of assault "your gald they picked you" that's irreversible douche bag level that means i feel the personal need to castrate you eunuch style and feed you your organs.... Anyways how's everyone's day going?

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  • I don't know who that is (and am happy not to because wow what a fucking disgusting thing to say) but I'm fighting insomnia right now. My birthday is coming up and I don't talk to most of my family (they say shit on the same level as that Hunter douche about a family member that molesting me) and I haven't had a party since I was a little kid. I had the stereotypical loser experience of no one showing up. My mom, who had to work that day, never found out because I made a mess of the house to fake a party. I ate so much cake I puked. Still can't stand birthday cake. ...I hate insomnia. Night time just becomes Highlight Reel of Terrible Life Moments in your head. /rant

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