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I am not able to tell people how sad and lonely my life is. I just can´t talk about it. Not to my parents, not to friends. I feel depressed for several years now, but I never told anybody.

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  • it's hard to find a start on this, i know but you have to, at least your parents and/or your best friend, i was in this position too at the age of 18, and two years later is was able to talk with my mother about this, she helped me alot and knows to "read" me, that if i feel worse, she knows it and talks to me, these "little" things can help alot trust me on that, but if someone would see less in you because of that, than they are not worthy to be with you, make a clear cut on these people and move on, it sounds hard, but if they want you in your best, they have to know your worst

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