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Fuck it. I'll too start gold digging now. Cause loving men for who they are has cost me!! They'll all cheat on you and betray you - but at least i'll get something out of it next time !!!! Love doesn't fcking exist!

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  • ur wrong im a guy and i dont do that and also i love someone, i would die for them because i love them so hard. u dont know what ur talking about

  • Love exists. You just haven't found the right person yet. Don't give up or be discouraged. The right person is out there and that person will find you someday or someday you will find them. There are still some good, honest, trusting and loving people out there in this world. They're just harder to find and are very rare nowadays but they are out there. I hope that you find the right person who will treat you right and will never betray you. 😊

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