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the amount of grown adults on my Facebook who post things about "bullying is wrong" "be the example for your children" "be kind to others" "we're in this together" etc. but then post degrading things about politicians they don't agree with, tell people who don't agree with them (family and friends even) that they're losers, snowflakes, monsters, cry babies, etc. they leave death threats in comment sections. they say so and so deserves to die because of a political or religious belief. they harass people on personal pages. a political debate turns into personal attacks on weight or parenting. so I guess bullying is only wrong when it's done to you or your child not to others around you? it's ok to be the bully as long as no one is bullying you? it's ok to be rude, cruel and unkind because you don't agree with them for a certain topic. just as long as people are kind to you? it's starting to make me sick when I see the "positive" posts because it's so fake and two-faced I can't wrap my head around it.

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  • your first mistake was going on facebook

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