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Yeh so. Ive had severe butt akne the past ~5yrs . I work in a retirement home md this old lady noticed i wasnt able to sit down properly cause of the pain. She looked at me and told me to soak a towel in salt water and sit on it ervery morn when i brush my teeth. And it really works!!! After years of shame and running from doc to doc spending a fortune ! SALT WATER MY DUDES !! it hurt as fuck the first couple days but its 3 weeks now and its GONE!! No more pain or inflammation! Some scarring still left , but it gets better daily! This changed my life! I'm so thankful!! This lady sved my life !!

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  • Be careful as this can severely dry out the skin. Which can lead to it an increase in oil production as your body tries to compensate and once your skins production balance is fucked it can be extremely difficult to level back out. Increased oil production usually results in more breakouts. Dryness tends to lead to cracking of the skin and your skin splitting, especially skin on your butt, is incredibly painful. Make sure to get a quality moisturizer. Vanicream is recommended for anyone with skin issues, because its ingredients are so bare bones that it helps rule out common allergens found in other products.

  • The salt takes away the extra moisture in your skin. It's not something that helps on sensitive skin but arms, legs, and chest areas are fine. Doctor told me the same thing.

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