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Hi guys so the other day, I accepted my co-worker on fb and so my boyfriend is actually jealous, and has insecurities, over my co-worker, and he wants me to unfriend that guy, and I don't want to because I want us to learn how to not get jealous easily and just I'll prove him that I love him. we love each other and we're like 21 so yeah, I want to reduce that insecurities inside him. :( am I doing it right? what should I tell him?

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  • He's insecure and fears losing you. He has a fundamental lack of trust. Your bf is the problem here, and you all need to work together to strengthen your relationship. But you're allowed to be friends with people regardless of their gender identity. What if you were bisexual? Would he just not let you have friends at all? That's a huge red flag and is honestly abusive. He can't control your friendships.

  • its because he doesnt trust you

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