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I deleted my Facebook, snapchat and this app called whisper. I just didn't see the point of them anymore. on Facebook I had only 3 friends, had an account since it existed. I only had snapchat for this one friend who im sure I have an obsession with not love... we no longer talk. finalize by her this time. I'm just tired. making friends is just pointless. everyone leaves and they have to. their lives have to progress. why can't I focus on progressing my own. why does having friends matter. why do I always miss them. I dont want to miss anyone anymore. why can't I focus on other things.... sighs

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  • I can't focus on studying either and i stopped progressing socially so i will have more time for studying. But i don't.

  • Sometimes the people we attach to are just leaves or branches.. They are fleeting or crack when pressure too much is required... But we don't know they are leaf and branch people so we attach too deeply when they only ment to be fleeting. Those people who only pass by in life to teach us things usually. When you meet people who will become roots in your life. They'll stay. They'll hold strong and support you on your journey nor prohibiting your growth but enhancing it. If sucks to wait for those people but in the time we wait we grow ourselves into what we want but we can only make it so far without root people. Find out the direction your headed and as you walk it root people will come into your life. This is not advice this me actively speaking over what I know can be truth. Find a direction. Start moving(doesn't matter the pace or the progress just start). And root people will find you. And in the time it takes for them to find you your soul will have begun to heal from wounds left behind from branch and leaf people....trust me, it's possible, your capable, it's reasonable and achievable. You can do it

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