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I really hate my boybestfriend's girlfriend and she's kinda jealous of me and I was there for him through ups and downs and I met him FIRST before HER. and now my boy bestfriend cuts off his communication to me because he doesn't want his gf jealous. How could you cut me off for your GIRLFRIEND! I was there for him! WE PLAYED VIDEO GAMES TOGETHER! I COMFORT HIM. and you said that u want to date me in another version of me if there could be parallel universe lol. this is crazy. Anyways, I'm pretty and sexy than her gf lol. screw u both.

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  • maybe he wanted to respect his girlfriend he don't want to hurt the feelings of his girlfreiend ...don't be offended but in my perspective you are just a friend but not romantically

  • i know what you mean. My best friend and i are so close to each other. We have sex as friends just not when one of us are dating that's a rule. My girl knew about us she hate it. When i fuck my girl its to show i care and love her. When my friend and i have sex its all about love an to show I'll never leave you.

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