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I... Had a boyfriend on a game about a year ago and i thought we really got along and then we even exchanged our face pics and he was pretty hot so i was just like yeah. That's going ok. And then one day he made up this stupid thing and i played like i wouldn't care about what he would do and he was so hurt by that that he said we are breaking up. (i don't really know what it was about) and i thought it was so absurd that it can't be true and i was like sure. And put on my sarcasm and he was walking around talking to girls if they wanted to hook up because we are over and i was like now would be a good time to start pretending Ben. And then he left the scene and unfriended me and because he had some special letters i couldn't find him and he even deleted his insta LIKE WTF. And then it didn't hit me for few days yet but then was like i have to get it out my system so i just started crying and thinking about him as much as possible and i went to my friends (still in game because i made some really good friends there) and i was crying on screen but also off screen and that was after a week probably and he joined? I didn't even know he added this friend because he was gay and my ex was homophobic wich i tried to tell him it's stupid so at this moment i kinda realized it was all a big joke to him but also i wanted him and all... i think he left soon i don't really remember, some parts of him i don't really remember, probably because it was too traumatic for me or something. Well i know that that week in school i was more quiet and sad wich i don't understand how people didn't notice but i also got really productive wich if you read my previous post i love, but i gotta say one day at that time i actualy felt actual pain where my heart is and that will be my always remember day.

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  • You did the right thing, I hope that youll heal soon and find someone new to love :)

  • Stop pretending Ben*

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