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I lied about my age online and ended up sexting with someone (them not knowing my real age) over the course of 4 days and ended up feeling a real connection. We both said incredibly explicit things to each other while we both got our rocks off too. I told them yesterday and I feel horrible because they never deserved to be lied to. They said I was the same age as their sister and they just couldn't continue talking to me (which is obviously understandable). But I will never understand how I could act so compulsively in that moment without really thinking about the consequences. I've since deleted that social media account entirely along with our messages to each other. I feel horrible and I never want to hurt someone like that again, but I'm afraid I will. I'm scared and I want to fix myself but don't know how.

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  • the only thing i lie about is loving someone just to have sex with them. if its good pussy i continue to lie. once i got tired of her i go find a new one and have that girls naked photo as my wallpaper on my phone. sometimes while your fucking call her the other girls name or call an plan to get some pussy that night in front of her. I'm Just a horrible person an i know that but i get pussy.

  • All you have to do is not lie to people.

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