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Don't you just love when from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep you're full of anxiety? Just verging on an anxiety attack constantly.... And knowing the only thing that has ever helped was him.... But now you can't have him, so you suffer everyday brimming with anxiety in a life where you've never been one to express these things, only help others through them. And everyday your will power to stay away from him grows weaker and weaker because he was never the actual problem and you know he still loves you. God this sucks so fricking much

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  • One of the first rules of self improvement is that you can not have a support structure made up of only one person. That's way too much pressure to put on one person. Obv I don't know details but if you were treating him like he was the only thing that could have a positive impact on your life.. it's probably better for HIS mental health if you stay away. At least until you can stand without putting so much weight on him. It sucks, I've had to do similar, but there's no resentment festering like there would have been.

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