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Twice have I had it now where a guy has fallen so hard they said "I love you" genuinely in three days. Niether time was on purpose nor was I trying. However, never did I ever think I was capable of snagging someone so fast? But it's something I both revel in and am afraid of. Seeing them be so... Devoted so fast makes my confidence go through the roof and when they could barely speak from nerves and their hearts were pounding out of theit chests I was frighteningly calm. Sadly, I've had to leave both times because as great as I seem to be, I'm not who I'm ment to be yet.

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  • Anyone who says they're in love in a few days raises major red flags. That isnt love. That's infatuation they're mistaking for something deeper and I've had stalkers come from that behavior. Sorry to break it to you, but you're not magically making them fall in love with you super quickly. They're just twitterpated to a creepy degree.

  • whats your secret

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