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I kinda enjoy catfishing people, idk I find it fun. I've secretly catfished people for years now, it's always been fun, pretending to be someone that I'm not, usually I don't get in actual relationships with them, again they're at the most Fwb. I pretend to be from different countries and pretend to be from different backgrounds than what I actually am. Because I hate myself, I hate my ethnicity, I hate everything about me. I'm discriminated against everyday and it's just a really stupid way to forget about it so I sext people pretending to be some random girl that I'm not. I would stop, but I'm addicted to the fantasy. I like lying about myself. I know that I'm a bad person. :/

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  • no I'm not taking money from them, I don't need money. I'm okay lol. I want no relationship with them either. (I'm the writer btw)

  • tbh I don't think virtual sex roleplay counts as catfishing. They're probably lying too. You're just having fun. As long as you're not taking money or gifts from people or actually leading them on in some kind of relationship, I don't see a problem.

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