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Over the past few months I have watched negative viewing material. It had made me depressed, but had a hard time stopping. Little by little, I had replaced what I was viewing, with more educational, creative and positive entertainment. I also began to read more books and arts a crafts. I feel a lot better than I did. I'll try to keep it up! 🙂 If you have any positive hobbies or entertainment, let me know. I'd like to read them. (Nothing negative, X-rated or violent) Thank you!

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  • i hope no one hates that im gonna say this but the livestreams that thug rose does every sunday on her yt channel ,u can ask for a prayer and she will pray for u about it and she always has something helpful or insightful to say and is just very positive and heart warming

  • I downloaded an app awhile back with a bunch of personal development audios, books and videos! I love it! try finding something like that

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