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Over the years, this used to get to me but tbh I love seeing what I can only assume are SUPPOSED to be grown men with the mentality of 16 year olds try and start arguments on platforms like Reddit,4chan, Twitter,etc. It's funny, and I mean that in an unironic sense. I would argue all day but now it's just trolling with these types. I can't believe I used to let them make make mad lmao. ...Calling everyone else snowflakes as you huff and puff angrily over your sticky, cheeto dust encrusted keyboard. Jumping into dms typing entire essays but calling other people triggered. I called out how retarded the ´´super straight´´ trend is on another platform, and got this dumbass guy jumping into my messages to argue that it was a ´´valid sexuality´´ (proper quotation marks don't work so hopefully doing this will do for now) and that I was just triggered by straight people. He then assumed I was trans, and then told me (retard points for assuming shit like an idiot- I'm CIS) it was because no one wanted to fuck me. He also proceeded to get even more upset when I didn't fall for it and fly off the handle like he wanted me to- and why would I have? He was making an ass out of himself. AND. Being called a virgin is a weak ass insult dude. I'm not so insecure about myself that saying shit like that hurts. I don't need to prove anything like you do, Bradley but please, keep telling me you're not using Nazi symbols and you know because you're Jewish. Keep looking stupid.

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  • The whole nazi symbol argument is bullshit. noone makes shortcuts, for sexuality. homosexual is not hs, bisexual is not bs, super straight is not ss and sapiosexual isnt either. i love that people talk about it so much. i wouldnt even consider myself super straight and i think its a good thing that it exists. It fulfills the purpose of a sexuality, it describes in one word which people you would sleep with. you can be mad all you want. yes, its a joke. just like neopronouns, and that refusing to date trans people is transphobic.

  • anyone arguing on the internet is a retard, especially you. btw super-straight is my gender now and if you misgender me im going to get you fucking arrested, bigot nazi bitch. its just a fucking pronoun its not that hard to do. stop oppressing me

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