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peoples' first impression of me is usually that im very confident and living a happy life. i've kept on that act for a while now and i cant keep it up without coming clean in one way or another. in the past i've been told i think too little of myself, i've been left by friends because of my mental health struggles, and i've caused a lot of problems due to my actual personality. the truth is, im very insecure and im acting like im flawless because i dont want anyone to know i secretly hate myself.

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  • I feel you 100% on this. It's like wearing a mask. One bold and confident. Ready to tackle the world. Underneath it is someone else entirely. People usually see me and think first off I'm charming, quick wit and snarky. But beneath all that is nothing but loathing and self-hatred. I'm miserable. I hate myself but I cover it all with jokes and humor. easier to detract people from it.

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